Saturday, December 3, 2011

Premed Blog: FW: Get CPR Certified for Free!

Premed Blog: FW: Get CPR Certified for Free!

what CPR Certified for free??? Is it possible???

Please let me know.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing Photos

Here are some beginning photography tips I have made for you. Starting out in photography can be hard especially when you do not have any prior experience taking shots.

When first starting out, you are really going to want to learn everything you can about your camera. The camera you are using is going to give you flexibility and creativity. Whether you are using an SLR or a point and shoot you want to know how to use everything possible with it.

There are many different modes available on most cameras. However, most of those automatic modes adjust the shutter speed and aperture according to how a photographer would manually set the camera for those settings. So, if you learn how to set your camera right then you won't need to use Preset modes.

Shutter Speed

This little thing in your camera controls how long your image is exposed. When you push the picture taking button, light is let into your camera and the shutter controls how long this light is let in. Longer times mean brighter images.


What is the aperture? It is the opening that lets light into your camera when you take photos. Now, this can be a small opening or a large opening. The difference is that a larger opening will give you a less focused image. I don't mean blurry photos overall, but that it will have a shallow area of focus.

Now, after you understand the technical stuff for your camera then you really can have lots more flexibility in your camera taking escapades.

When you are trying to take great shots you really should try to get closer. Many beginners take pictures too far away. I call these snapshots. Don't take snap shots, take pictures! Get up close and capture all the detail you can.